Hello Vallejo!

By , April 29, 2013 6:42 pm

Welcome to Ozcat Radio’s Vallejo-based chat blog. Feel free to join and join in. In order to keep down the spammers and scammers, this blog is usually moderated, but we’re trying to slip past the bad guys by opening it up to listener registration for a few hours whenever we announce it on the air. If you give us your email address (which we won’t abuse) you’ll be registered and able to comment any time.

This theme is designed for speed and to be entirely keystroke-driven for ease of cell use.  Don’t be afraid of the Keyboard Shortcuts link above.  There are only a few and they’re well worth learning.  Like “L” to login and “R” to reply to a post.  Have Fun!

Oh, and this shouldn’t require saying, but does: be civil. Act like the trolls on the Times-Herald blog and you’ll be banned.

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