Every user in WordPress has a changeable role…

By , July 10, 2013 7:49 pm

Every user in WordPress has a changeable role. Subscriber, which you get just for registering, lets you comment only. Contributor, the next role up lets you post a new topic, but waits for review… not useful for us. So DJs get Author status, so you can start a new topic. The idea is not to litter the place with hundreds of topics, but for now simply to open one post for your show, which you can mention on the air for requests, contact or whatever. See my example below.

We can also create categories for topics, like DJ Stuff and Music Matters in the sidebar.  When you post, pick a category.  Those two won’t display on the front page, but Uncategorized and Vallejo (the default category) will.

Anyone can comment on any post once its on the site, so conversations can continue for a while, but don’t create a new post on the front page (see the ribbon bar above when you’re logged in) unless you’re on the air and planning to use it. We can also put topic pages (which also allow replies) on the sidebar to the right to cover current hot issues.

Oh, you’ll notice as an author you can add media. [There’s a glitch in the upload folder, so not for now.]  Use it to add an image to your post if you want. Videos would have to be stored on our server, and they’re too big, so don’t use them.  Still working on embedding MP3s, YouTube and the like.  Most of the solutions are a bit buggy.

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  1. worldradioman says:

    There are two ways to create a new post. The Ribbon Bar above opens a quick post box, just the basics. If you access the Dashboard from the Ribbon Bar, you can use a visual HTML editor to add bold, italics, color and the like. And until we work out the server issue that is preventing image uploads, you can still use the Add Media function to insert an image from a remote URL, like Flickr or Photobucket or whatever.

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