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By , July 30, 2013 9:15 pm

Once you are registered, Ozcats are bumped to Author status and allowed to post. (As distinct from replying to posts, which anyone who registers can do.)  This allows you to post in the topic categories: DJ Stuff, Music Matters, The Admirals, Vallejo, and any other topical issues we choose to add.  Only the Vallejo category posts to the OzBlog page.

If you want to create a post like mine for Whirled Hits on the Home page, it can be recycled week to week, or you can post a new one every week.  Here’s the basics:

As authors, you can add a post by clicking + New on the black Ribbon Bar at the top of the window (it appears once you are logged in). You can also access the Dashboard by clicking The Ozcat …Connection on the ribbon bar.  It will look like this:


The WordPress Dashboard, Author View


If you click on Posts to the left, it will open the All Posts window; if you want to add a new post you can select Add New below Posts in the left-hand drop-down menu, the same as using + New above.  Below is the Add Post window (click it to enlarge and read):


Adding a Post


Once you Publish your post, you can recycle it next week by going to the Dashboard, then Posts, All Posts, and selecting Quick Edit as below:


Quick Edit


From there you can change the date and time, change categories and the like:


Quick Edit Options


Choosing Edit rather than Quick Edit opens it in the editor you saw in the Add Post window.

Let’s keep show posts to a minimum on the front page here. We have a blog that is set up for the individual DJs (though not all the current crop) and once the issues with it are fixed, that’s where every show can have a place to post without restrictions.

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